"Practice, practice, practice!"
Said every teacher ever.

Progressive Spiritualist Church

This church had a good website full of fantastic information, but it was very dated. The fonts were small and looked bookish. Overtime and as new things were added and added and added, it became unorganized and difficult to navigate. Moreover, in order to make updates, it took someone who could read code to sift through where to put anything. The congregation was growing and becoming more active. They needed a cleaner looking site that would direct people to the information they were seeking. And also, they needed a site where, with a little training, someone could update current information quickly and easily.
I thought it was important to make this look like the church - i.e., its people. To me, and to the people working with me, it was important that someone who had visited the website first see the same faces when they stepped through the door. So the photos aren't professional. You don't see a lot of staged pictures. You see snapshots. You see the actual people.
Another big concern, was how to organize the amount of information this site holds. Because this church is considered more of a "periphery" religion (vs. mainstream), they wanted put out what exactly their beliefs are. I did this by using w3-cards. Each topic got its own card and we used photos on some of them to break up all the text.
Lastly, I kept their colors and stuck to their visual identity. While these colors and logo would seem dated to most, this church is over 100 years old. This is an established brand and does not need changing. That may not sound very "Progressive" but there is a lot of continuity. And Spiritualists are very focused on the continuity of things.

Studio Space

This is where I am trying out code and seeing how it works. Like any artist's studio, beware, you are likely to find crap. That's normal.


Don - Example 1
Don - Example 2
Don - Example 3